Ashland Tate

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Every child has dreams and aspirations to reach higher to something more. I was like any other young man in this regard, however, I had many challenges and obstacles in my childhood which meant my dreams would be much harder to reach than some. Being the eldest of three siblings with a single mother who suffered from severe mental illness, meant in many ways I had to take on responsibilities many my age would never see. In addition, living in the lower 9TH ward of New Orleans LA, one of the city’s most improvised and historically dangerous neighborhoods, the threat of people seeking to take advantage of us and our situation was always constant. Life was tough, but I used school as an outlet in many ways. I enjoyed being at school because it also allowed me to focus on something other than home life.

I was referred to Boys Hope Girls Hope by a counselor at my school and it changed everything for me. The program gave me a home environment that provided structure and a healthy family dynamic. Boys Hope Girls Hope provided me the foundation to be successful in college and beyond. I teach my own sons the same values I learned while being a scholar, mainly being a man for others. Now, having a chance to come back and lead the charge to continue our mission as the Executive Director of Boys Hope Girls Hope of St Louis is something that dreams are made of.

Boys Hope Girls Hope means Family to me.