Luana Deng

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Luana’s involvement with BHGH started with her brothers, and she followed in their footsteps. She was in the 6th grade when her family partnered with BHGH to enroll her brothers into the program. At the time, BHGH San Francisco was a boys-only residential program. During her freshman year of high school, though, Luana was welcomed into BHGH as the San Francisco program’s first Girls Hope scholar.

Luana attended Mercy High School in San Francisco and was accepted into a scholarship program called “Achieve.” She says, “Boys Hope Girls Hope attended all my school meetings and provided me with any needed financial and academic support. Because of BHGH, I was able to excel academically and graduate with excellent grades.”

Luana says that Boys Hope Girls Hope was with her every step of the way, and helped her grow from being one of the “quietest girls” in her freshman class to an outspoken woman who will complete her senior year at Vassar College in 2017. She is grateful to BHGH and her mother for making her achievements possible, and has great hope that the boys and girls who come after her in the program will experience the same success.

When asked what BHGH means to her, Luana said that BHGH is “a lifetime of support from people who genuinely and whole-heartedly battle alongside you for your best interests.”