The College Road

Preparation for college is a cornerstone of Boys Hope Girls Hope academic programming. Over 15 years ago, the BHGH Leadership team developed its own unique curriculum—The College Road—in order to increase college graduation rates among our scholars.

The College Road is a comprehensive, long-term program built on age-appropriate activities for scholars on their journey to college. Participation requirements include college access and persistence activities and an introduction to life on a college campus. Each component of this BHGH-designed curriculum combines research and best practices from college access and youth development literature across the industry.

In 2011, The Educational Policy Institute, a non-partisan think-tank advising Congressional policymakers on educational policy, concluded an intensive, multi-year study of programs like ours. The results of their study indicated that Boys Hope Girls Hope was one of the ten most effective programs of its kind in successfully moving youth from poverty through college.

Building on the academic preparation necessary for a successful transition to college, The College Road also addresses the aspects of college life that are unfamiliar to many first generation college applicants: dorm life, handling the stress of being away from home, applying for and managing financial aid and loans, and time management.

For our Latin American affiliates, this curriculum is adapted to meet local cultural and community needs as well as local paths to higher education.

College Road exercises and activities take place both during the school year and during the summer, and include:

Campus Camp

An introduction to campus life for scholars in middle school, 7th grade scholars join their BHGH peers from all over the country, and some from Latin America, to learn more about their quest for college through the BHGH program.

College Preparation Seminar

An overview of the college selection, application, and financial assistance processes for high school seniors, and assistance and discussions regarding the practical issues of independent living and academic life for college freshmen

Teen Read Week

Reading requirements as a part of a nationwide effort to improve literacy skills, including posting reflections and participating in a digital dialogue within the BHGH online community

College Prep Toolkits

Tools and resources for high school juniors and seniors as they meet with their BHGH academic support team and parent/guardians to prepare for every aspect of the college planning process

Online Scholar Portfolios

My Road online scholar portfolio is a web-based road map to college. Spanning 6 years (7th grade to 12th grade) My Road guides users through the essential experiences, skills development, academic/personal planning, career and a vocational exploration and milestones needed for college entry and success.

Peer Gatherings

Providing support to scholars from other first–generation college students

Academic Guidance

BHGH gives scholars individualized academic and personal guidance regarding college preparation and planning

Crisis Intervention

As needed to assist scholars in overcoming roadblocks and challenges to achieving their goals

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