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Showing the latest posts from a certain category can be a great way to keep page content fresh. For this example, let's imagine we have a category called "success stories". The "Latest News" widget can be configured to work with any category, so let's add that to a page and filter the posts using the "success-stories" category.

Add a row, then add a widget.

Choose the "Latest News" widget.

Edit the widget to posts by the "success-stories" category. Not that we enter the slug of that category here. If you ever need to lookup the slug for a category, you can find that category in Posts >> Categories.

Apply the "Success Stories" category to a few posts. In this example, we'll do a "bulk update" to demonstrate how to add add the category to multiple posts at once.

Have a look at your page, and you should now see the latest posts from your "Success Stories" category.

Ensure your posts have a featured image to add images to the layout.

There are many potential use cases for this feature. Here's a few ideas.

- Scholar Stories
- Featured Articles
- Events