Giving Users Access

Giving users access will allow them to view "private" pages, and give them access to the admin section of wordpress. There are two primary "Roles" that a user should be given.

  • Administrator: should be given out sparingly as it will give users access to everything in the WordPress admin.
  • Editor: should be applicable for most users as it will allow them to view "Private" pages and allow them to do most things that a user needs to do to in the admin (e.g. edit pages and posts).

Adding a User

Adding a user should be pretty straightforward, by following the instructions for each field on the new user form. Note that the site requires strong passwords. This is super annoying for most users (including myself!), but it is an important security feature. If one user's account is hacked, the entire WordPress admin is at risk. The automated email that is sent to new users with their credentials can be unreliable as it can get stuck in a new user's junk folder. It's probably worth noting the user's new password, and manually sending them their credentials in an email to avoid confusion.

Private Pages

Marking a page as private prevents users from viewing it unless they're logged in. You can also mark menu items as private so they'll also be hidden unless the user is logged in.

Hiding a menu item.