Spring 2018 Scholarship

Please review your application with staff at your affiliate prior to submission. Applications that have not first been reviewed by affiliate staff will not be considered for funding.


Click Here To Open The Spring 2018 Renewal Application



All Early Bird Applications should be submitted by Dec. 15th,  2017.

All applications for Spring 2018 funds should be submitted by January 5th, 2018.  

If for some reason you cannot submit your  application by January 5th, you must notify the International Office in advance. No  late application exceptions will be made for collegians who have not  communicated with IO in advance of the deadline.



Your review with affiliate staff should include a conversation covering the following topics:

     -     Academic  performance (i.e., GPA & credits earned) from previous semester

     -     Early Bird eligibility

     -     Required documentation

     -     Anticipated affiliate award for spring semester

     -     Anticipated loan borrowing for spring semester

Not sure who to contact at your affiliate? Check out the list below!



You will need the following documents in order to submit your application:

     -     Spring semester schedule

     -     Previous semester grades,  preferably in format of an unofficial transcript


If you have any questions, please email



Affiliate Contact Name Contact Email
Arizona Kim Allvin
Baltimore Georg Barber
Cincinnati Venny Akins
Colorado Laura Conti
Detroit James Bates
Illinois Amy Patterson
Kansas City Johnathan Smith
New Orleans Sarah DeMarais
New York Selina Diaz
Northeastern Ohio Renee Timberlake
Pittsburgh Jen Heid
San Francisco Perry Im
Southern California Desiree Hoogeveen
St. Louis Cherae Bullard