Jiarra Jackson

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In 2002, the summer before her senior year, Jiarra Jackson joined the Boys Hope Girls Hope program in New Orleans. It was the first year the program had a Girls Hope home. Her mother had passed by the time Jiarra was in the ninth grade, and her father was ill. He passed a month after […]

Daniel Braswell

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There was no question whether or not Daniel Braswell would go to college. His determination and his intelligence made it a foregone conclusion. However, his chaotic home life made pursuing academics a difficult challenge. “I entered Boys Hope Girls Hope of Cincinnati’s residential program in 2009, and academics became my top and only priority,” he […]


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Twenty-two year-old Brenda was born in Sayaxche, Peten in Guatemala. When she was five, Brenda moved with her parents and five siblings to Los Reyes, San Andres, Peten, located far from her extended family in Sayaxche. Los Reyes was a very small, isolated town, and the only transportation to and from it was one bus […]

Gregg Scruggs

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At 13 years old, Greg joined Boys Hope Girls Hope as a residential scholar. His father had passed, and he was living in a housing project where drugs, gangs and violence were the norm. As residential scholar, Greg moved out of his neighborhood and into the Boys Hope Girls Hope home where he was safe […]

Brijhette Farmer

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Brijhette was raised by an elderly and loving aunt who deeply believed in the power of education. When she and her aunt learned of BHGH STL through a former teacher, they knew it would offer life-changing opportunities and would be worth the sacrifice of living apart. Brijhette joined Girls Hope at age 11. As her […]

Ashland Tate

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Every child has dreams and aspirations to reach higher to something more. I was like any other young man in this regard, however, I had many challenges and obstacles in my childhood which meant my dreams would be much harder to reach than some. Being the eldest of three siblings with a single mother who […]

Nick Varuso

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Like many BHGH alumni, Nick attributes his success to the constructive and academic-focused home environment provided by BHGH. Born and raised in New Orleans, Nick experienced the “pull of negativity” as he entered his teenage years. The odds were stacked against him, as many of his peers had already succumbed to destructive lifestyles. Life at […]

Luana Deng

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Greetings! My name is Luana. I graduated from Mercy High School six days ago and I will be attending Vassar College in the fall. My family’s involvement with Boys Hope Girls Hope started with my brothers and I followed in their footsteps. I was in the 6th grade when my family partnered with BHGH, and […]