The Voice of Hope Winter 2016-2017 Newsletter

BHGH’s Leadership Transition: Reflecting and Looking Ahead

As Kristin Ostby de Barillas assumes leadership of BHGH—succeeding Paul Minorini—she’ll steer BHGH to continue to fulfill its 40-year mission of helping children in need. Paul Minorini’s 30-year Legacy On any given day at the International headquarters of Boys Hope Girls Hope in St Louis, one can witness CEO Paul Minorini pacing around the building while using his cell phone for BHGH business….making connections…..reaching out….telling the story….sealing the deal….laughing, caring and sharing. His frenetic “walk and talk” routine may well be the thing that will be most missed by staff members as Paul takes leave of the organization at the end of the year to attend to the personal needs of an ailing parent in Chicago. After a 30 year association with BHGH, 20 in staff leadership positions, Paul will be handing over the reins of…read more